Microblading Near Me

Where Can I Find Microblading Near Me in Erlanger, KY?

Microblading is a great option for our people that have light eyebrows and would like a semi-permanent option for volume and glam. With thicker eyebrows back in the hot seat for trending, clients with naturally thin eyebrows find the need to take on this treatment. While eyebrow pencils can provide the same thicker look, our clients do not want to take on that additional time each morning.


When they receive a microblading service, they have a temporary and semi-permanent option that keeps their eyebrows thicker for weeks. The use of microscopic needles against the skin, by placing small pigmentation beneath the initial skin layer. This service will require routine maintenance, but after the initial service, clients find it to be much quicker and the pain will subside days after treatments. 


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