Eyelash Extensions Course

Come Take An Eyelash Extension Course at Majestic Lash & Salon

Eyelash extensions salon provide quality and durable materials that are used to give the most common natural appearance. At Majestic Lash & Salon, our technicians strive to link and extend your lashes to their most natural ability. These lashes are curled and glued to appear as though they are naturally yours, and not one that makes the lashes appear unnatural.


Here at Majestic Lash & Salon, not only can we provide you with eyelash extensions but we also provide an eyelash extension course, so you can start doing it yourself. We offer a fun and relaxed setting, where you are taught the art of applying eyelash extensions from qualified instructors in our eyelash extension course. We teach you more than just putting on eyelash extensions, but we also teach you how to create a look that specific to each client. Upon completion, you will also get a certificate showing that you have completed our eyelash extension course. 


Contact us to see how you can get started in our eyelash extension course in Erlanger, KY.