Eyebrow Lamination

Get Yourself A Eyebrow Lamination!

There are many benefits

An eyebrow lamination can be beneficial for many reasons:


  • It gives you a fuller and thicker arch

  • Eyebrow lamination lasts for months

  • Adds color and definition to eyebrows

  • It’s a cheaper alternative to microblading

  • Makes your daily routine easier and more effortless

  • Safe, easy to get done and takes less time


So many options!

At Majestic Lash & Salon, we offer so much more than your average eyelash salon. We of course do things like eyelash extensions, but we also do eyebrow lamination, microblading and all sorts of upscale eyelash styles. Comprehensive is definitely the right word to describe Majestic Lash & Salon, because we do just about everything, and we do it very well. You are never left guessing when you come down to Majestic Lash & Salon, we will provide you with the best possible eyelash services that you will find anywhere in Erlanger, or anywhere nearby for that matter.


Make sure to give us a call if you have any questions, or if you would like to book your appointment!