Eyelash Extensions Near Me
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Where To Find Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are quality extensions are applied by technician professionals using commercial grade glue and not found as a strip. Similar to hair extensions, eyelash extensions are applied individually to your eye and cut to fit your length preference.


These extensions are designed to last for a specific amount of time. You keep your glamorous look around the clock and eliminate a significant amount of time in the mornings getting ready for the day because of these eyelash applications.


When you are seeking out eyelash extensions, you should consider the quality of the eyelashes. Take advantage of the cleaning requirements that are provided to you by the technicians. At Majestic Lash & Salon, our technicians utilize premium glue that will maintain your eyelash extensions and provide to be safe for your eyes. When you detail in a search for eyelash extensions in Erlanger KY, know that Majestic Lash & Salon is the right choice.